Bedsides (B​-​sides to Limbs)

by VanPan

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This is the B-side to the album 'Limbs'


released September 7, 2016

Jan Hassmann
Allison Good
Philippe Semanaz
Mike Hendrickson
Kris Ariel
Franck Bourjini
Swen Hendrickson
Danny Kasuya
Sara Nighbor


all rights reserved



VanPan San Francisco, California

VanPan from San Fran sounds like Rilo Kiley and Feist's crazy love child that decided to be a globe trotter.

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Track Name: Pocket
If you put your hand inside my pocket you’ll find a note to you

Stating that I hope your dreams come true

Come and take a walk with me to all the wild places

Come and take a walk with me to wild places

And we’ll see how they’ll change our faces

I want you to stop caring

About the folks in your life that are so overbearing

And just do what you want to do

Whatever you may care to pursue
Track Name: The Thing Is
So when I’m with you

I want to hug and kiss you

my lips want to crackle and pop on your cheek

as my limbs turn into putty

Stretching around you

Stretching around and around around you

But there is one thing

That makes me sad

And the thing is that I like you more

And the thing is that I want you more

And the thing is that I like you more

And the thing is that I want you so much more

And we were playing tag

I tagged you first but you didn’t tag me back

I ran so happily ‘til I looked to see

Your sweaty palm wasn’t reach out for me

Oh I think you misunderstood me

I don’t want all your time but I do just want some of your quality

And cause I like you don’t mean I need yo babies

But you seem afraid to explore

Cause you’re afraid that I want you more

That I’ll close the shutters and I’ll lock the door

And on your parade my rain would poor

Oh or are you afraid that ya think that I’d find you a bore

Or are you just insecure

Oh no with you I just adore I just adore

I just a da-da-da-dore
Track Name: Blood on the Snow
I can’t drink caffeine at night
It sheds light on the shadows of my mind
How I feel the world that’s changing
How I feel my thoughts rearranging

My heart’s breaking we’re living our ghost
I am the virus, you are my host
Through all the hurt we take off our clothes
But this will die soon and we both know

There’s no use fixing cause we’re already broke
I love you but I’ll leave you, that hurts the most
The memories, emotions. I’ll tie you in a bow
The grey skies are above me, there’s blood on the snow

Today I lay gently in your arms
As I wondered if it’d do us harm
Cause, we keep knitting ourselves into this yarn
It’s such a doomed feeling

But I still love you so
No use fixing
But I still love you so
I love you but I’ll leave you
But I still love you so
Grey Skies above me
But I still love you so
Blood on the Snow
Track Name: I Liked You
I liked you I liked you, the feeling seemed mutual
But you’re in a different space so the timing is far from suitable
But I still like you and it’s alright if you just want to stay friends
We may never touch each other’s naked bodies like that in the end

Da da da da

I liked you but what’s more I respect the way that you are
Self restraint will be taxing on my head but I’ll try to amend
These unfulfilled yearnings they’re earning me 3 gold stars in patience
It takes perseverance to accept the truth

I can’t force away my feelings
Thought it through and through
Let me lick my wounds and I’ll still be there for you
Still be there for you
Track Name: Foggy Glasses
It's been a blast, it's been so fast
I can’t contrast, how I've looked passed
All the things you put me through
Now in my past, I would to harass
Oh my ex lovers, when they weren't
Pulling through

You do funny things to me
Make me act strangely
I'm childish and giddy
I find it all quite lovely
My glasses are foggy
You're backlit and blurry
I can fill the blanks
On the parts that I cannot see

Entitled, conceited
I felt mistreated
You so strange lately
So much ambiguity
I'm Hectic and desperate
Why won't you snap out of it
Give me give me
More of your loving

My glasses are foggy
You were backlit and blurry
And I filled in the blanks on the parts that I couldn't see
A symbol of affinity, thats what you were to me
The base was based in dreams and not reality
And now the clouds are parting and I still like you my darling
But projections, my projections have been brought to my attention
I don't know what to say to you
There's nothing wrong that you did do
I just need to figure my side out

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